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DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THAT SITE!!!!I purchased a long evening dress that was supposed to be custom made for me.

It came with 7 inches wider waste and 14 inches longer. Not even mentioning the poor quality of the materials it was made of. Even if it was fitting well would still look cheap even though I paid 180$.

And the worst of all is that apparently they have the right to refuse to accept back the item if you decide to return it.So I'm still fighting over emails to get at least some of my money back, but all I got from their team so far is arrogant responses like "take it to a tailor shop for altering" and "we can't refund more than 40% of the value of a custom made purchase"

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Well, the first OBVIOUS issue is that you're too *** to even know it's spelled "waist", not "waste". Though you're sniveling certainly IS a waste!

Second obvious issue is that you're a libtard that jumps on the internet to whine to the world every time something doesn't go your way.

No one cares about your ugly butt in an ugly dress, ya WASTE of skin...


Do not order anything from here!I sent my measurements and it was still tight they told me to go gave it altered.

Then if u send it back u only get 40 percent back!Bad company


Why just sell the dress not customized. 20$ more to grip? It is a scam.


people want it all for nothing, but that's the millenial generation for ya. They are easy scam targets.

to Anonymous #1097773

Excuse me but $180 is not "nothing".For that price you should at least get a dress that fits and there's no reason for the fabric to be so cheap.

$180 is a lot for a dress these days for younger people that can't afford to drop hundreds on designer clothes.We still like to look the best we can with what we can afford and at almost $200 that's not an unreasonable expectation.


What's their Los Angeles location Address or any local phone number . Anyone if know pls ?


LOL @ expecting a quality "custom-made" evening dress from what's perhaps one of the cheapest online sites run out of China. A custom made evening dress requires several fittings, which obviously can only be done in person and will cost at minimum, thousands... If you're going to be incredibly cheap, at least have the foresight to manage your expectations.


Thanks for the heads up. I've learned to always go to the reviews & to remember the foreign companies are usually rip offs.

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