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I didn’t receive 1 skirt

I need Tbdress send 1 skirt left for me My order number is : 3127354



Need my package or I need my money in my account right now because I'm tired of waiting or else I will post you guys online that you rob me money I can't take this anymore this is too much


order status

I have placed on order, ibwasnt to know when I will receive it.


did the receive nothing


My order

I would like to know when will I receive my order.



I want to see if my order is on the way.


I want to see if my order is on my way arrest with my money back in the bank is just hurtful that you can I order something online and then you guys doing this to me


My Order

I ordered the platform sneakers 3 weeks ago. Is this a scam or is tbdress going to send my sneakers.

When will I receive my order.


Where is my shipment, and why don't u guy's have a live person?

Ordered three dresses and they still haven't arrived.


I need to return the dresses they are beautiful but too small for me i need to get a bigger size


Want the add to return in CA.

I am mad received a dress .Sparkles falling off when I took it out of package.

Way way to long. I called for days . When ynget someone they wouldn't give you the add in California to return. I want that and a customer phone number to the place in California please?????

Asked they said that's were u mail it and give no info. I going to post alot of bad reviews UNLESS SOMEONE HELPS ME 3 days called called can't get threw ! Get through they don't Hep.

I want all my money back !!!Unreal


I ordered 5 closes,but none of them not the right size and i want to return them please?


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