New Holstein, Wisconsin

I ordered a dress from When I got the dress the stitching was coming undone and it was completely crooked!!!

This is the absolute worst dress I have ever seen in my life a 5 year old could have made this dress better.

It came from China and all I am trying to do is get my money back and they refuse to send it to me saying they've not seen a problem with the dress because they looked at it before they sent it. I looked up their company and I have not read one good thing about this company I should have done my research earlier.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tbdress Dress.

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Kansas, Alabama, United States #669501

I never knew anything bout Tbdress,I was seeing reviews online a bout the site saying it cheap, faster and good quality dresses .but I had never thought of buying it because I never believed but it came a time I tried out and I discover its price are really fair, and also the quality of dresses are pretty good. I like tbdress.

Mountain View, California, United States #669472

WOW, nice style dress, but seems poorly made.i am wondering whats the rate you got from tbdress?? just considering to buy one dress. cause it is very very cheap compared with other stores.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #669454

Do you see how quickly Tbdress responds to customer complaints? On sites like this that is!

They post these fake praises and you will soon get a phony apology response also. They are thieves and people like us can save others from becoming victims as well by posting our experiences. Please update this site with what happens next.

Consumers need to know! Lol, Thanks Tbdress!


I have shopped before with Tbdress and it has not been disappointing at all. Their support is good too..

They will surely help you in case of any issues. Please feel free to talk to them and they ll sort out for you

to Maria #669450

Agreed.. I have been shopping with Tbdress since long and have had a good and friendly experience.

They are good and their support is good too. In fact I would like to thank tbdress for the lovely dresses they sell.

Thanks Tbdress!

to Maria Flushing, Michigan, United States #684176


Mountain View, California, United States #669417

Hey dear,

FIrstly, thnks for shopping with TBdress.Thanks for alerting us to this.TBdress has been working hard to offer good and friendly service, and I’m sorry that we didn’t meet your expectations. I hope you will give us another chance in the future. If you’d like to contact TBdress people directly, please please feel free to Email: Customer Service Dep. or you may call +86-10-62904338 for your solution.

Best wishes

TBdress Team

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